I'm going to play paintball today and as I'm driving through the backgrounds of central Illinois “(Taxi) Ave Maria” from the 28 days later sound track begins to play. This is the song that plays as the group is driving through the country on the way to the military check point. On the way to salvation.

As I drive I imagine that some one in the distance can see me, enjoying the panoramic view that was presented in the movie with his or her own eyes. But I'm also waiting for something bad to happen. In the movie, the music was travel music and relaxed the audience. In a lesser horror/survival movie, this music would be the precursor to something worse happening. Imagine the taxicab driving through the country side only to plow into another racing vehicle. The sound of crunching metal, breaking plastics and smashed glass completely changing the tempo and meaning of the previous scenes and setting the precedent that a relaxing, leisurely pace, will kill you.

From What I've seen

THAT is what I'm dressed as for halloween. Some makeup, some old NERO gear, and having my hair down. And yet, I'm freaking out damn near anyone coming by.

When ever some one is speaking about wierd dreams I usually break out my dream where I'm shot in the neck.

I'm infront of Washington park talking to two friends, one male and one female, their features aren't really shown. It's early in the morning and a wonderful day. It's cool out with no humidty and seems to be mid morning. My friends are asking me if I want to join them to ride bikes with them in the park. My house is in walking distance so I give it some considerable thought. As I'm about to decide I stoop over to tie my shoe when another "friend" rides up on his bike and says "Hey John, stay there". The woman rides away quickly and the third friend pulls up beside me while I'm still tying my shoe and puts something cold against my neck. The next thing I hear is a loud bang and notice this friend leave real quick. My first instinct is to play along but when I put my hand to my neck I feel blood and that's when I feel the bullet wound going through my neck and the blood oozing out both sides, even now I can feel it. I fight to stay conciouncess but it's a losing struggle and I rest my head against the front wheel of John's bike. The treads are cool to the touch and that's when I die, forcing me to wake up.

The thing about this dream is that I actually felt the aftermath of the shot to the neck, the blood running down my shoulders as well as the tire treads.

Below is a picture I took of the spot with my cell phone. While the lighting is different, that's pretty close to how it was in my dream. This is how many of my dreams are, full colour and sound and sometimes I get to feel things that happen. I can also read in my dreams, but that will usually kick me to lucid dreaming and I tend to wake up shortly after.

This is a picture of the area behind my house, as seen above the storm drain. The land here is owned by the park district, so they take care of mowing and tree planting and generally keep it looking nice through out the year. 

The entire area is slopped gently toward the middle and again towards the north where the storm drain is while south is a spout for another storm drain. When it rains heavily here the middle area floods and it's as if a stream runs behind everyone's house.

Last  Thursday, we had a whole day of rain and then some. This of course had a most predictable effect. The river had came back, the picture is one of two I took from my daughter's bedroom window, next time this happens, I plan on going out and standing in it, i didn't this time because it was chilly out, and getting a better picture.

Something else to note is that even with a whole day of raining, the water didn't seem to get as deep as it normally does, especially during the time of heavy rainfall earlier in the summer. Maybe the city did something "upstream" and fixed it.

Over the last few days I have not been sleeping well. I'm not sure what the cause of this is but I know what the effects are. Take an ice cream scooper and play around inside a tub of ice cream for a bit. Now try to imagine what that would feel like if it was inside your head. That's the only way I can describe what I'm feeling right now. Yesterday it was so bad that I could barely focus, either on work or conversations. Thankfully after last night I got a good nights sleep and the sensation is no longer as strong but it's still there. Right above my temple.

The woman was about 5'8" with long dark hair and brown eyes. Her skin was ink white as though the same person that tattooed her also went over every inch of her skin with white. She wore a low-cut kimono style robe that showed her amble breasts. On her chest were various tattoos, but the one I noticed in the dream was that of a serpent. The serpent, like the other tattoos, was white with shading and other detail done in black ink or other light colours (I remember a yellow flower on her right side just above her breast). As I looked at the serpent in the dream it began to move and rise up, I began to look the woman in the eyes, or tried to but the serpent kept drawing my eyes back towards the cleavage from where it was slithering. The woman made a comment about how usually men tried to look down her shirt. Just thing the hooded serpent bit my arm and I begin to lose consciousness.

As I slid to the ground the woman caught me and held me and I looked into her eyes. Such beauty and sadness in those eyes hardened with a contempt for all that she saw. I reached up to touch her face in a moment of tenderness, my last act before falling asleep. When I touched her, she had soft skin.